Anki´s Greenhouse Home

juni 12, 2019
Anna Nilsson
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Our client Anki came to us with a beautiful forest plot near Söderåsen’s national park in Skåne and 4 existing housing units for temporary accommodation that she bought 2nd hand. Maybe you could put them in a greenhouse ..?

There will be a permanent residence for 2 people divided into a private sleeping module and one for friends visiting. They are connected by the ”conservatory” – a heated greenhouse for dining and socializing that functions as a greenhouse-in-the-greenhouse. During the summer months, the sliding glass door opens and the boundary towards the outer greenhouse space is blurred. Sleeping modules and conservatory are enclosed by a greenhouse in single glass only heated by the sun. It creates fantastic outdoor spaces on the large roof terrace – the rather compact home (90 m2 heated livingarea) flows out into the 150 m2 greenhouse that extends over two floors. Compact and generous.

The sustainability ambition is high and Ankis greenhouse villa will be a unique accommodation with small ecological footprint.

The household’s gray water (bath, shower, laundry) is gathered in a tank, and then distributed out into several plant beds for the cultivation of vegetables and greenery on the roof terrace and on the ground floor. Irrigation and nourishment to the plants while simultaneously purifying waste water. The remaining 10% of the waste water (black water from WC) is led to municipal sewage in the street.

Rainwater is collected from the greenhouse roof and gathered in a buried tank. It is used for flushing WC and for irrigation of crops.

Energy efficiency:
The house is heated and ventilated with FTX technology for maximum heat recovery.

Solar cells are integrated into the roof of the greenhouse and in combination with battery storage and a charging station for electric cars, most of the household’s electricity consumption is produced locally.

The greenhouse’s protective effect keeps the heat loss from the house’s heated parts down and the total energy performance of the home becomes very efficent.

Anki´s Greenhouse Home Anki´s Greenhouse Home Anki´s Greenhouse Home Anki´s Greenhouse Home Anki´s Greenhouse Home Anki´s Greenhouse Home